I am a 21 year old photographer based out of Tofino B.C., Canada - a small fishing and logging community recently overtaken by a growing surf scene. I relocated there shortly after graduating high school. With a keen interest in the cold water surf exploration scene, I managed to meet Sepp Bruhwiler, a Canadian professional surfer who showed me the ropes in the years following. These days my work focuses on the adventure of persuing waves on some of Canada's most remote and rugged coastline, as well as many other places around the globe in the years to come.. 


Clients Include: 

Stab, SBC surf, Surfline, Superbrand, Billabong, Hippytree, Ripcurl, RVCA, Saxx, Skullcandy, Grouse Parks, Parker Marine Group, On a Mission, Xcel, Blackrose Surfboards.